Perhaps surprisingly suave and sleek for a material traditionally regarded to be rough and rugged. We create slow living design with it – from candle holders and bowls to supersized vases and flower bed containers for homes and public spaces. Hand made and sustainable, they age beautifully and welcome repairs and renovations to live forever.

At SENSUOUS Nature we create design items out of concrete for home and public spaces. Distinctly tactile, our products bring out a sensuous nature in your surroundings. Besides our own collections we also create custom designs for architects, interior designers, landscapers and gardeners, as well as businessess looking to present themselves in unorthodox ways.

The people behind SENSUOUS Nature are two ladies, shifting the perspective to a softer one in an industry traditionally dominated by men. We stand for slow and cosy living, sustainable choices, warmth in relationships, and authenticity all around.

The products are made in the traditional method: mixed and poured by hand, the objects cure for twenty eight days. Slight variations in size and color are due to the use of natural materials and due to production being fully manual. The surface of the products is treated against moisture, stains and dust.

The production is fully manual and therefore also almost zero waste. Production residues are always used for production of smaller products.

The highest quality is achieved by careful hand-processing of each part of the product. The result is concrete - not only pleasing to the eye, but also beautifully soft to the touch.

Due to the natural character of the concrete, each product gets its unique patina over time. Bubbles, germs and micro-cracks in the surface make every piece truly unique.