What is your data stored with us?
When purchasing goods SENSUOUS Nature in the online store, we enter into a remote agreement, which requires the buyer's name, telephone number, e-mail address and, if delivery is planned, we also need the address to deliver the purchase. Your contact information is required so that we can contact you about the order fulfillment process and other questions related to the order.

To make shopping easier and more efficient SENSUOUS Nature in the online store we store the following information:

  • History of your purchases and activities on the website;
  • the IP address of the device used; 
  • payment history to make shopping easier for you by offering your favourite payment method; 
  • our correspondence and negotiation history to answer questions related to your order. 
  • Security of your data 

By organizational and technical means, we ensure that your personal data is protected against any illegal activities. Our internal system ensures that your personal data can be accessed and processed only by those persons of our company who have special authority to process this data. Therefore, the level of protection of your personal data meets the highest security standards.

In order for your personal data to be fully protected, it is recommended to pay attention and make sure that when connecting to our e-shop, your personal data is not seen by unauthorized persons and that it is stored correctly. We recommend that you regularly change your authorization password, keep your payment card data secure, and take other security and precautions so that the security and confidentiality of your personal data is not compromised.

Our website is protected by a security protocol based on a data encryption system certificate (SSL).

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In case of any questions or uncertainties arising in connection with the processing of personal data for the needs of our online store, feel free to write to us at us@sensuous-nature.com or in an online chat.